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Are jemico.nl officeel company?
Yes, jemico.nl have been registered with the chamber of commerce at Gouda under number 24409165. 

Do jemico.nl have a fixed address or show showroom?
Yes, sind' s November 2008 jemico.nl have established on the south job 541 in Moordrecht on the industrieterein Gouwepark. 

Can I take away my order at Jemico.nl? 
Yes that is mogenlijk in our show showroom, at present can be taken away there (ONLY) on Friday always from 10.ur till 17.ur without appointment. For other days and times always goes this on appointment. 

Products sold of many jemico.nl are also clone' s to get, jemico.nl sell also clone' s as original? 
No, jemico.nl sell the original version of these products. As jemico.nl also the clone version sells then stands this duidenlijk mentions, therefore it does not stand then concerns it an original product. 

Certain products are at jemico.nl much cheaper than elder' s, how is possible that? 
Jemico.nl do much to own import of products which we directly buy at the makers as a result of which we skip the wholesaler that normal also must deserve. The extra discount which we gain because of this charges we in the end price. 

I have myself a company, can I at jemico.nl also as a company against wholesale trade prices buy? 
Yes, this is posible. Also end-users who want decrease inaanmerking for discount in large numbers to come. 

How do I come price to trade?
Wheel a e-mail to our on sales at jemico.nl with the desired products with numbers and what you each month thinks decrease wanting. Hereafter we will send an offer which will be very sharp! 

You to order: 

What is the delivery period of your products?
More than 80% of our assortmentwe have on stock and so we will directly deliver it.

How do I know if an product is on stock or not?
Our web hops work with realtime stock system, these will show if something is on stock or not. For further information about this to see delivery periods.

What is an pre-order?
An pre-order is a product what we have incorporated new in our assortment. The product has been ordered at the supplier and within 1 a 2 weeks deliverable will be. We offer you as a customer with the pre-order the posebilitie to order the product already and to have this way insured have the product as one of the first in house. 

How can I pay? 
We have several pay Methods to pay whit?

What are the shipping cost?
We send exclusively with TNT post, to see also Shippingcost?

Repairing, acquired characteristic:

How long lasted a repairing which I have sent or brought along?
This depends entirely on the type of repairing and if there are components necessary. The average repairing time is between 1 a 2 weeks. But small repairs is much already carried out within some days.

Can I wait for a repairing and remain?
No, this is unfortunately not mogenlijk. We conduct repratie' s from between already our other work, this way we can keep hour remunerations very low as a result of which the costs you do not burst out extremely high what frequently, however, are at other repairing centers.


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