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Venom-P controller  1 pcs

Venom-P controller 1 pcs

PS3 / PS4 / Xbox360 / Xbox One / PC

Article code: VENOMPV1

Manufacturer: Tuact

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Product description

Venom-P is made for kicking force control in soccer game. In soccer game, such as FIFA and Pro Evolution
Soccer, the kicking force is normally handled by holding the kick/pass button for certain amount of time. However,
the player may not be able to make the shots consistently accurate due to the timing is rather hard to control,
although experienced players can minimize the error. Venom-P changes the control to player’s foot, it take over
the timing job for player, and generates timed button pressing signal to console according to the foot pedal angle
From ergonomics point of view, muscle positioning can be much more accurate and natural than timing especially
for a short and variable period of time control. Remembering foot pressing angle could be much easier and
consistent than holding a button for different time period, that’s the why the Venom-P can improve ball passing
and kicking performance. Player can focus on the next action after a quick button press without worrying about
the time to be released the button. Venom-P digitalizes the force into percentage, thus the player could do the
kicking/passing work qualitatively.

Venom-P comes with a LCD display unit, the display tells the player how much power will be sent to console with
the percentage meter and power level bar. The display is used for training player to get used to the pedal control
, it is a monitor to the pedal position during the game play for reference.

Venom-P’s LCD display also has a compass to indicate the direction of the left stick in real time, this is used for
guide user to make more accurate stick move to get the passing and kicking more efficient.

Venom-P support 5 game platforms include PS3, PS4, XBox360, XBoxOne and PC that covers almost all the
major gaming hosts. It also works with keyboard that some PC players are favorite.

We believe that Venom-P will get more fun in player’s game play.

Go and enjoin!

Product specifications

- Bypass controller signal and generate kicking timing signal to game host.

- Wireless LCD displays the force by a power percentage meter and a power bar

- 100Hz LCD display re-fresh rate  

- Moving direction compass

- Combination of game pad and keyboard

- 5 gaming platform supported - PS4.PS3, Xbox360, Xbox One and PC

- Windows XP, Vista, Win7, Win8 and Win10 supported

- On PC platform, there are two mode to play: Keyboard mode or joystick mode

- 6 programmable game profile selectable on the fly on each platform.

- Ability to use player's own keyboard

- Customizable keyboard mapping 

- Firmware of both pedal and LCD display are upgradeable

- Green Setup software, no need to install it.

Contents packing

- 1x Pedal
- 1x LCD display
- 1x Cable set


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