purchase conditions

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1. Order and agreement. These conditions apply on all orders which are done by means of the Internet site of www.jemico.nl. By following ours order procedure, as on the Internet site described elsewhere, you accept these conditions. 

2. Prices and verzendkosten. All named prices on www.jemico.nl Internet site are including 19% VAT and excl. the verzendkosten. Verzendkosten are only for the Netherlands, other countries on application. All prices, Article and information are always with reservation. 

3. Conditions. www.jemico.nl has the right these conditions and modify contents of the web hops. 

4. Exceptions. Only after written authorisation of www.jemico.nl can be deviated in particular cases from certain conditions, with exception from the remaining conditions, these remain effective. 

5. Agreement. The agreement you and www.jemico.nl intervene to score the moment you have placed an order on our Internet site by correct filling in your personal details and betaalwijze (and have confirms with " order verzenden"). 

6. Proof of task/electronic communication. The administration of www.jemico.nl is considered, subject to counter-evidence, as proof of by you to our supplied task (and) and done payment (and) and supplies performed of by our. www.jemico.nl recognises that electronic communication can serve as proof. By accepting these conditions you also recognise this. 

7. Risk and transport. The risk during the transport of the products ordered by you is at the expense of www.jemico.nl and will at the moment of deliver to you concerning. For exceptions on this to see point 7.1. 

7.1 point has only chosen 7 money as a customer for registered and insured sending. The customer has chosen for mail box posts or uninsured mail then is not entitled he to only compensation in which form thus, this money at missing touch of the bundle and possible damages. (defekten are settled such as mention state in the guarantee conditions) 

8. Delivery deadline. The delivery deadline of our products amounts to maximum 7 days (provided that differently mentioned) or differently written agreed to you. If www.jemico.nl cannot the delivery deadline comply with this to you will be communicated in writing. In that case you can annul the agreement by communicating this in writing our, whereupon www.jemico.nl it possibly 10 working days to you to amount already by you pay will pay back. 

9. Right of withdrawal. You have the right to cancel your order up to 14 days after receipt without giving a reason. After cancellation you have another 14 days to return your product. You will then be credited with the full order amount including shipping costs (we must first have received the item in good condition). Only the costs for return from your home to the web store are for your own account. (PLEASE NOTE we recommend that you send the item by registered post and insured, we are not liable for damage or loss) These costs are approximately € 8.95 per package, consult the website of postNL for the exact rates.

If you make use of your right of withdrawal, the product with all accessories supplied and - if reasonably possible - in the original condition and packaging will be returned to us. To exercise this right you can contact us via sales@jemico.nl. We will then refund the order amount due within 14 days after registering your return, provided that the product has already been received in good order.

10. Not well money. At packing our products the necessary zorgvuldigheid are observed and could nevertheless your order lacks show, must communicate you this written to www.jemico.nl. If you in writing request our a replacing product, www.jemico.nl, provide after they the provided products retour have received, within 14 days a replacing product to send. If ordered goods show lacks, this to assess www.jemico.nl, the sending and risk of the replacing product come at the expense of www.jemico.nl. If you wish no replacing product www.jemico.nl after reception of the returned product the price will give retour in the form of a credit balance order. 

10.1 in case that to our returned products failure (this to assess Jemico), you 15 do not prove be are charged euro for research, administration and verzendkosten. After payment of these costs the product is sent you. 

11. Complaints. www.jemico.nl will handle all complaints concerning the provided products. YOU can inform www.jemico.nl by means of klachten@jemico.nl. Can ring also on phone number 06-21526975. www.jemico.nl will put everything in the work of this within 10 days the complaint to solve and you to inform. 

12. Privacy and data management. www.jemico.nl sticks to the law person recording. The personal details supply by you are only used for the employees of www.jemico.nl for: sending products and for checking of the payment to receive of you to us. www.jemico.nl makes no data available to third parties. If you want be kept regularly informed concerning new Article are possible you that at our announce. These data will not be used for this. If you want be no longer incorporated in our file be can you this in writing to our communicate. 

13. Consumers service www.jemico.nl correspondence on the basis of these conditions must take place with: www.jemico.nl, PO Box 2027, 2800 BD Gouda phone: 06-21526975 e-mail: support@jemico.nl



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